Q:Who is suitable to wear Reai?

  • A:Reai is for children and senior.

Q:What is the GPS accuracy of Reai?

  • A:Reai has the best GPS accuracy and the most stale trajectory among similar products.GPS accuracy is within 10m outside.

Q:What SIM card does Reai support?

  • A:Reai works with GSM network,like CMCC,CUCC Micro SIM card.

Q:How long does the battery last?

  • A:With the build-in patented ELLP algorithm which is the low power consumption algorithm,Reai standby up to 80 hours,2 times working life more than similar products.

Q:How to clean-up the watch band?

  • A:You can wipe watch band with a damp cloth,if it doesn't work add a little achohol to help.

Q: Does the Reai have radiation? Is it safe to have Reai so close to your body?

  • A: The radiation value of the Reai can be neglected.Because of:
  • 1)Watch is always on the state of receiving data,not like mobile phone with long calls.
  • 2)When we talk on the phone,it's close to our brain.Since you wear the Reai on the wrist,while also using their wrist for phone call,so the radiation will not affect health.
  • 3)There is no need to worry the radiation of GPS mould,as it just receive satellite signal not transmit it.
  • 4)The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) sets a SAR standard of 2W per kilogram of body weight and a watch's SAR of 0.691W per kilogram of body weight, well below international standards.

Q: Will the battery heat or explode under high temperature,charging? How to ensure the safety of the battery?

  • A:Reai with gel polymer lithium-ion battery, compared with the traditional lithium-ion battery, the battery is not easy to deformation, more lightweight, more durable, more secure - because the use of a special colloidal electrolyte, the battery will not Liquid boiling and produce large amounts of gas, to eliminate the possibility of a violent explosion. The battery in the furnace heat, impact, vibration, overcharge, acupuncture, rolling, low pressure and other dozens of battery safety and reliability test almost perfect. In addition, watch a unique internal battery protection circuit design for the watch to provide another reliable battery security. Therefore, the usual scenes of life can be assured that charging, rest assured to wear.

Q:Is it waterproof?

  • A:Reai has built in water resistant technology, you cannot put it into the water, but it works for washing hands, rain, and sweat.

Q:Is it fireproof?

  • A:Reai may not work or even damage at high temperatures, it is recommended away from fire and high temperature environment.

Q:Does it normal for Reai become a little hot while charging?

  • A:Yes,it is normal.

Q:What are the precautions for using the Reai?

  • A:1)Do not put it into the water
  • 2)Keep it away from the high temperature and fire environment.
  • 3)Use the charger provided with the watch for charging.
  • 4)Remind the wearer to avoid eating the watch.

Q:How to power on and off?

  • A:Power on:Long press the on/off button over 3 seconds.
  • Power off: Click Romote turn off button on the APP to turn off.

Q:How to transfer Administrator?

  • A:Use the administrator account to login the APP,Enter the Family member menu,long press the account which is suppose to be transferred,then click transfer.

Q:How to delete family members?

  • A:Use the administrator account to login the APP,Enter the Family member menu,long press the account which is suppose to be deleted,then click delete.

Q:Why does some phone number can not call the watch?

  • A:Only pre-set number can call the watch,in order to protect the privacy of the wearer.

Q:Does your APP work on every phone?

  • A:The Reai’s APP works with iOS 7/Android 4.0 and above system.

Q:Does the Reai's APP support offline map download?

  • A:Yes it does.

Q:How many people can bind the same watch? How many watch can be binded by one APP?

  • A:One watch can be binded by 16 people at most.One APP can bind all watches you like.

Q:If can not receive SMS verification code when register APP, what can you do?

  • A:If you do not receive a verification code for more than 1 minute, click "Regain" on the "Register" screen.

Q:If fail to scan the QR code when adding watch on the APP,what can you do?

  • A:You can adjust the distance between phone and the QR code,or find some bright place,try it again.

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