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   Shenzhen DODO Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. is a whole-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Enqualcomm Technology Co.,Ltd. Dodointel provides high-quality smart wearable products and terminal to terminal solutions for consumers, relying on technology from global personal mobile location service expert.

     Meanwhile, Dodointel provides plentiful contents combining with Internet+ technology. The company is aiming to become top brand in the field of smart wearable through technical innovation and integration of resources.

       “Reai®Dodointel bears more than 40% technicians among total staff, and continuously invests more than 10% of total revenue on Research and Development. So far Dodointel has three core algorithms leading the industry, including ELLP (ultra low power consumption algorithm), EBPR (Smart motion mode distinguish algorithm) and ESPR (terminal positioning algorithm), of which ELLP algorithm is the national invention patent of China (patent number 201410169563.3). So far company has set up location service system, covering all over the globe, providing accurate and professional location service relying on standard protocol and opening Cloud platform. Besides, Dodointel owns complete APP and backend server development team, and the core products have already applied for several software copyright. We can provide our customer professional APP and backend system based on location service.

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